Signs of STRESS causing BRAIN DAMAGE! – 3 things you need to know. 
Research by Yoshifumi Watanabe, Elizabeth Gould, Bruce S. McEwen, shows Stress induces atrophy of apical dendrites of hippocampal CA3 pyramidal neurons. This area deals with the ability to code and store short term memory.

There are many adverse reactions to chronic stress in the body which can lead to very serious health issues and diseases.  Not the least of which, as mentioned above, is brain damage!

Short bursts of stress are actually healthy for us. It’s only when the central nervous system (CNS), the watchman & protector which regulates the “fight or flight” response, (the stress initiation), fails to tell the brain to take it back to DEFCON ZERO!  This is due to prolonged periods of stress triggers that keep it in that heightened awareness zone.

Before you begin the stress response in regards to what you have just read, the good news is that your brain is plastic, no, not like Ken & Barbie; “neuroplastic”, as in it has the ability to change.  Hence, any memory loss can be regained.  The major key is to STOP the current process of stress affecting your brain and body negatively before it’s too late!

HOW? I hear you ask.

This is simple on one hand and a challenging on the other.  Let’s look at the challenges first….

    1. DECIDE!  The word “decide” has its origins in Latin, with “de” meaning “off” and “caedere” meaning “cut”.  Hence we have the word “decide” to cut off from all other possibilities.  To take a stand and STICK to it! So let’s DECIDE to make a change, to cut out some stress in our lives, after all, our very lives may well depend on us doing so!


    1. It’s so easy to put our own needs last, getting to them IF we have time.  This is no longer good enough!  No, you’re not being selfish bumping your own needs up to the top of the pile, you are being RESPONSIBLE!  Take a moment to think about how many people rely on you.  Partner, children, business associates, staff, friends & relatives.  If you were taken out of the picture for a period of time, (daren’t we say permanently), the results could be catastrophic! So SCHEDULE TIME DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, YEARLY & ONCE IN A LIFETIME, to do the things you love.


  1. “The 5 Star System©” This is my simple & fun Neuro Success™ strategy that will reduce stress whilst structuring a little bit of “amazing” in to each of your days. Here’s how it works.

= something you can afford in both time and resources on a daily basis.  It could be anything from a “cuppa” to a walk on the beach.  The important thing is that you enjoy it & it brings you a time of peace, reflection and relaxation.  Choosing something physical, even if its focusing on your breathing, brings added health benefits of endorphins.

★★ = Something you can afford in both time and resources on a weekly basis. From going out for a coffee, movie, buying some flowers, catching up with friends etc.

★★★ = Something you can afford in both time and resources on a monthly basis. This could be going out to a great restaurant, a weekend away, a ME day, where the entire day is doing something you love like relaxing and reading a book, you don’t even have to get out of your PJ’s!

★★★★ = Something you can afford in both time and resources on a yearly basis. Holidays work well here, or tickets to see your favorite band / singer, festivals and annual events.

★★★★★ = Things you would love to do at least once in your lifetime. Kind of like a bucket list. This could be to meet a person you really admire, go on a trip of a lifetime, go to space, have a family, try something new!

The main idea behind the 5 Star System© is that you make a list for each category then SCHEDULE one of these accordingly.  Above are only a few examples, I’m sure if you thought about it you could come up with more than 10 for each category that are perfect for you.  Schedule a 1 star each day, a 2 star each week, a 3 star each month, etc.  You MUST SCHEDULE them because if you don’t we both know they aint gonna happen!

Try it, it might just change your life!


How happy am I, what is my stress level, Am I giving myself grace?