||It’s OK to be Beautiful – Hard copy book (includes song) See description and testimonies below

It’s OK to be Beautiful – Hard copy book (includes song) See description and testimonies below

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Occasionally you will read a book that seems to understand who you are and where you are at. It can leave a profound mark on your soul and change your path for good. This book is a raw gem offering transparency and Truth taking you on an eventful journey that offers healing, understanding and love, pointing you toward your own profound revelation and change.

The author Simone Leslie was presenting to millions on national television in her early 20’s and friends thought she had the world at her feet, yet behind the confident mask was a broken hearted, suicidal little girl. These short stories are the revelations that took her from a world of heartache to one of life and love.

Simone has been a Master Neuro Strategist for more than 2 decades.   Teaching around the globe the foundations of success begins with the relationship we have with ourself.  Our Identity, self worth, love and acceptance.  This book contains the major revelations that began that foundation.

“I had been struggling with my self-worth for as long as I can remember, I didn’t know why it had been shattered or what to do about it.  I tried counselling, psychologists, different therapies, you name it, I tried it! While some of these helped me, the effects never lasted and I always ended up right back where I started.

When I began to read Simone’s book it felt as though she was reading my mind & I just loved her transparency.  Finally, someone who had been where I had been and was willing to share it!

Today, I am a changed woman with thanks to the wisdom throughout this Beautiful book!”

A.Halsal (Registered Nurse)


  1. Simone Leslie

    This book is beyond words! You will love it, each page contains gems that will grow and lighten your soul!

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