As I fly over the Gulf of Carpentaria, I imagine Castles in the sky. I bounce through the clouds with my children, tasting as we go. Caramel, vanilla, fairy floss, strawberry & marshmallow. Giggling, hiding and hurling gobs of white puff that splat on faces, backs, arms and legs. My husband is the champion though as he lurks in hidey holes wrestling the unsuspecting passer by with strong tickling hands that make all confess whatever he so pleases, in hope of being released before having a wee little accident!
I am grateful for so many things. Each day I express my thankfulness to the Creator of the Universe. My King & Shield, my ever present help in times of need. Comforter, counsellor, friend and lover of my soul. My God. He is love, and love unfailing. His mercies are new every morning & I am Blessed beyond measure to be a blessing.
Pondering this trip, I take a good hard look at myself, and am blown away. How did I get to live this life? I look out the window again at the azure blue ocean below and the puffy, white clouds. Tears begin to well up in overwhelm and I hear my youngest prince’s voice, “you’re going to cry tomorrow mummy, I know you are!” Yes you are right Solomon and you have the gift of prophecy amongst other precious things!
Last night tears poured out mingling with the warm drops from the showerhead. I had just lay with Young Prince, holding and consoling him in bed as he confesses He’s going to miss me. It’s less than two weeks, but I know in a 7 year olds world that can seem forever. I cried too as we held each other. It goes against every part of my lioness grain to leave my children, especially like this.
So I hop in the shower now he’s asleep, and cry some more. “Why do you have to go mummy? I don’t want you to go!” The words echo in my heart and mind. “I need to be obedient. The most important thing in this life is to obedience to God” I reply, hoping the words would somehow make sense to him one day.
Superman walks in & sees me in the shower. “Are you ok?” “Yes” I reply avoiding his knowing eyes & trying to keep my voice steady. “I’m really proud of you babe” He says gently, “You will be amazing; I’m proud of your obedience.” It would not be the only time he loves and encourages me over the next 12 hours.
I laugh whilst crying and say, “how many women would be in tears the night before they are heading to Paris? Ok so it’s Paris of the East, but they still say Belgrade is amazing”
Morning breaks and I’m greeted with Princess snuggles in bed. “Do you have to go mummy?” she asks sadly. “Yes, I need to be obedient, it’s the most important thing in this life to love and honor our amazing God, and 12 days will go so quickly. You will have so much fun with daddy that you will hardly notice I’m gone.”
Young Prince wanders in and climbs in on the other side. I breathe them in and kiss their hair and faces. It wouldn’t be so hard to go if I wasn’t so blessed. “Thank you God,” I pray silently, “Thank you.”
Superman makes a beautiful breakfast whilst I shower and finish packing my toiletries. “Wow, how did I get to live this life?”
We make good time to the airport, but with drop off comes Princess’s burst floodgates. We hold each other and I kiss her head, “I’ll miss you mummy!” She says through sobs. Young Prince comes in for hugs too but this morning he smiles, simply saying “I will miss you mummy.”
I turn to my First Born Prince, he has already helped Superman get my bags out of the car and organize them in a way that’s easy for me to carry. He is a man of wisdom, choosing his words thoughtfully. I know he will once again rise to the occasion of both nurture and strength. He is brave, strong and kind. “I love you mum.” He says, “I’ll miss you, have a good time.”
Superman comes over and holds me. “I love you Sweetie, you will do great, we will be praying for you. Enjoy yourself.” I give them all one more squeeze, not wanting to drag out my Princesses tears I turn to enter the terminal. I look back through the glass to see my Superman holding our Princess. I am truly blessed!
I am honored to be asked to speak at this women’s conference in Bosnia, “Daughter of the King”. I am amazed that my King would place such priceless treasure in this earthen vessel. I pray my life would honor Him, that the words I speak would be His words, sharper than a two edged sword able to set the captives free from the lies of the enemy, heal the broken hearted and save the lost.
I pray no matter the cost, that I would be obedient to His call on my life. What an honor to serve our mighty King!