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There are several ways I can work with you to create breakthrough in your life:

  1. Sign up for FREE monthly Neuro Success™ strategies for greater success!
  2. “Change your MIND – Change your LIFE” Live Programs
  3. “The Platinum Experience” – Fully customized 1 on 1 program sessions

Change your MIND – Change your LIFE

A one day program

If you have ever felt like you keep going around the same old mountain, this is for you!  Often we will experience programs & seminars where we get great information & ideas thinking “I must implement this into my life!”  Monday comes around, we are thrown in to our busy life and never seem to have the time to actually apply what we have learnt.

“Change your Mind – Change your LIFE” has been specifically designed to create the change on the day!  The person you walk in will be different to the one you walk out!  Dealing with the core neurological programs we run off that dictate our results, we look at why we are creating the outcomes we are in our lives and how to change them.  You will find out where your glitches or self-sabotaging programs are and re write them to create the results you desire in your relationships, health, finances & life!

  • Stop journeying around the some old mountain & start travelling toward your dreams!
  • Reprogram your mind to run off empowering processes without the effort of using will power and conscious thinking!
  • Set yourself up for success in health, relationships, finances & achieving your heart’s desires!
  • Get rid of the baggage and wounds of the past to live a life of freedom
  • Understand who you are, why you do what you do & how you get the results you do in life. Experience the “Ah Ha!” moments of revelation!
  • Learn the tools to continue to refine your neurological programming for amazing results in your life

THIS PROGRAM WORKS! It is Boot camp for the MIND & for serious applicants only. We cannot change anyone who is not willing to change. You MUST be prepared to give 100%! Application does not guarantee your place.

“The biggest thing for me was the revelation about my values, I had them all ‘upside down’, so simple one flick of turning them around and things are happening. – It is a day where you get ‘untangled’, blindfolds removed, and stubborn ‘knots’ in your life just opened – simple – a must for every human being above the age of 12!”
Beatrice Born
I had held a number of very senior corporate roles in my career in Human Resources and right up to CEO. So it was always me who was leading, coaching, motivating and counselling people. I was the one who fixed everything for others, but when I suddenly needed help I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t get out of the negative spiral I was in, I had a thousand questions and no answers. So I met with Simone.
A coaching session with Simone is a remarkable experience.
Doug Evans, CEO
Confronting & emotional – Life changing, I loved it
Tania Marsden
Holy Crap! That was awesome, Simone You rock!
Stacey Obrian
Epic – Life Changing.
Steffan Walsh
The Platinum Experience

Fully customized 1 on 1 program sessions

These sessions can shift years of restrictions and limiting outcomes in your life, offering freedom to step out and create the results you desire in your health, relationships, finances & life!

  • Break off limiting patterns & habits of thinking at a core neuro programming level
  • Get rid of the baggage and wounds of the past to live a life of freedom
  • See why you have achieved the results you have in life and how to go beyond them
  • Exchange negative emotions, stress & anxiety  for joy, peace & love
  • Create breakthrough in health, relationships, finances and your life goals!

Platinum 5 – Five hours of customized personal mentoring (in 1 hour sessions) $1249
Platinum 10 – Ten hours of customized personal mentoring (in 1 hour sessions) $2495

The Platinum Experience includes:

  • Face to Face (or Skype) sessions customised to your needs
  • 24 X 7 Email Access
  • Simone’s latest Book with CD “It’s OK to be Beautiful”
  • 20% Discount to any future group programs