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“If you want a truly exceptional speaker who brings the gift of inspiration & transformation….”


Simone Leslie has presented to millions over two decades through national television and live events. Her heartbeat and life message is to create transformation through revelation & Truth. She teaches “The Foundation of Success”, explaining how the programs of our brain effect every result we make in life, be it health, wealth creation, relationships, business or career, and ultimately our success & happiness. Why we limit and self-sabotage & HOW TO STOP IT!

Be it a large corporate event or a cosy gathering, Simone’s wisdom, humour & endearing nature is bound to hit the mark!

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Simone Leslie is a sort after speaker at conferences and churches internationally. She has a Breakthrough anointing with a prophetic edge, delivering a word in season of Truth & transformation. “Renewing the mind” & “Power & Authority of Identity” are profound messages that bring freedom and exponential growth, individually as well as to the Church. If you want someone with a breakthrough testimony and anointing, be sure to book Simone today!

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