Why is my reality so different from what I’m visualising? OK, you’ve heard it all before, how to program your reticular activating system (RAS), that goal seeking missile part of your brain that directs your attention to what you visualise. You’ve written your affirmations and plastered them on mirrors, toilet doors and fridges. You’ve set your BIG, measurable, specific and disassociated goals and review them at least twice a day. You visualise and “timeline drop” daily, so why the flip after several years of doing this stuff is your reality poles apart from the transcript on the freezer door??
Well, the answer is actually simple in itself, however it requires a brave soul to address and change it. It takes vulnerability, Truth and a little hard work. The answer lies in your IDENTITY. Our identity is possibly the deepest level of our core neural programs. It dictates the results of every aspect of our lives; career, business, financial, health, relationships and spiritual. What we believe we are worth will either support or sabotage our success. Sometimes what we truly believe is buried deep within our subconscious, we may not even be aware of the sabotage that is going on! We could be writing our dream goals & sprouting positive affirmations consciously while subconsciously tripping ourselves up, limiting and sabotaging our results.
But before we all begin hyperventilating, let me assure you that even with a lifetime of running off your sabotaging neural programs, they can be changed in a day! Yes you heard it, re-wired and re-booted in less than 24hrs, I GUARANTEE it! It is not, as I mentioned, for the comfort zone dweller. It is a mental boot camp and you will be pushed possibly beyond the mental limits of what you “believed” you were capable of, BUT, the person you walk out will be different to the person you walk in, I Guarantee it, Literally or your money back!
Right now we don’t have a whole day, so here’s a few thoughts to help unlock the cages of limiting and sabotaging identity beliefs.
1. Be totally truthful, write down the first thing that comes to mind, only you need see the answers!
2. Do I deserve to live the life I really want?
3. Why?
4. What has to happen in order for me to be a better person?
5. Is this achievable?
6. Why?
7. What has to happen for me to give myself permission to be A) Successful, B) Loved
I trust that gives you something to mentally chew on, if you would like any information on where and when my “Mind Boot Camp” programs are con please contact me below.

Simone M Leslie

What has to happen for me to give myself permission to be A) Successful, B) Loved?