Recently in my pursuit of Neuro Knowledge, I came across some interesting information on Quantum Physics.  I admit it sounds a little nerdy to be learning about on a girl’s weekend away, but the findings may literally change your outcomes!

There is a thought experiment in Quantum Physics called “Schrodinger’s cat”.  In rough summary, a cat is placed in a box with some deadly poison with the possibility after an hour that the cat will either be alive or dead.  The outcome of the cat is up to the person asked.  If the person thinks the cat will live, the cat is alive.  If the person thinks the cat will die. It is dead.

The outcome is due to what’s called the “observer effect”.  The person observing the experiment, (the one asked the question), influences the experiment’s outcome due to their own beliefs.  Let’s take a look at “Placebos”, where the person unknowingly taking the sugar pill placebo is told it will cure their ailment.  They believe the credible word of their doctor and sure enough within a certain time frame they are healed!  So what or who healed them?  Well we know it wasn’t the pill, it was the power of their own beliefs!

Now the interesting thing is that at any given moment we have a choice.  In quantum physics it’s called “super position”, we can either go this way or that.  I’m guessing there are actually innumerable options open to us, however most of us don’t perceive them as we can live in a “Stuck” state, again, due to the limitations of our own beliefs.  For example you may have heard someone say, (perhaps even yourself), “I didn’t / don’t have any choice.”  The Truth is we always have a choice, it’s our limited perception of a particular outcome that binds us to one option.

So GET UNSTUCK! Ask yourself better questions instead of telling yourself limiting statements like, “I can’t do it”, ask yourself “How can I do it?”  Your brain is smarter than a super computer.  If you program it with quality thoughts, possibilities and questions, you WILL get quality outcomes.  Take a quantum leap into the amazing possibilities of your future, choose to believe a brilliant outcome.


Simone M Leslie

We always have a choice, it’s our limited perception of a particular outcome that binds us to one option.