||Neuro Success 1 day “RE-BOOT”
  • one day Re Boot with Simone Leslie

Neuro Success 1 day “RE-BOOT”

$ 695

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Product Description

The person you walk in will be different to the person you walk out, GUARANTEED! Re-wire your neural programs to radically transform your results in every area of life; Health, wealth, relationships and career or business success.  Take your life to the next level and live a life you love! * BY APPLICATION ONLY Neuro Success “Re-Boot” was Life Changing! Simone’s one day program made me realize how I had been limiting & sabotaging my life in so many areas. Health, wellbeing, personal relationships and career were all affected. Since doing the program 2 years ago I have had outstanding results. I have lost 35 kilos and have stuck to a fitness program, which I struggled with for many years. My relationships are now strong and so much more meaningful. I have recently fulfilled a life-long dream to go to Africa, which in its self was amazing. My career has taken off in leaps and bounds. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to transform their life. It has radically changed mine! Roz Fullagar


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