Heavenly Whispers

Here you’ll find the latest news on our philanthropic projects around the world.
From Ethiopia to the Balkans & beyond, my hope is that every person would know their True worth & value, to see themselves through the eyes of LOVE & teach others the same.

VIDEO – Heavenly Whispers Africa

These beautiful women captured my heart with their love, resilience, honour & faithfulness. I hope you enjoy this snippet of our time in Ethiopia with Soul Focus Ministries in March 2014.   [...]

Christmas Perspective – for all!

Imagine the perfect Christmas day, loved ones smiling and laughing around a magnificent Christmas tree immaculately covered with sparking trinkets.  Each present gratefully received is opened with sighs of wonder at the perfect gift!  Delectable [...]

Daughters of the King 2015

I sit in a rotunda above the emerald green lake that is home to coupled white and black swans. It is nearing sunset. The golden light is softening this exceptional pallet of beauty. The arched [...]

Obedience, Tears & Gratitude

As I fly over the Gulf of Carpentaria, I imagine Castles in the sky. I bounce through the clouds with my children, tasting as we go. Caramel, vanilla, fairy floss, strawberry & marshmallow. Giggling, hiding [...]