||“Change your MIND – Change your LIFE!”
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Many people say “Change is as good a s a holiday”, then spend thousands of dollars on a vacation that merely lasts days.  What if you could invest a fraction of the cost in 1 day to change the rest of your LIFE!

Master Neuro Strategist Simone Leslie has worked with thousands of individuals over the past 20 years to do just that! Her expertise is dealing with the brains core identity neural programs that directly impact every area of life – Health, Wealth Creation, Career, Relationships and Personal happiness.

The work is done on the day, so the person you walk in will be different to the one who walks out! Simone combines Science & Spirit: NLP, Neuro Science, Quantum Physics and EQ so that in 1 day you will re-wire your brains neural programs to:

  • Create a solid Foundation of Success,
  • STOP Self-Sabotage!
  • Eliminate FEAR & DOUBT
  • Re-wire your brain for Breakthrough & Freedom!