Day 5

Congratulations! You have made it to day 5! What a star you are! So lets jump straight in to designing your 5 star System that will create a amazing life filled with fun, joy and balance. Best of all by you committing to filling your own jug you will be so much more equipped to help others fill their jug as well! Next to each star rating below, come up with at least 10 options that are custom made to your taste and hearts desires.

  • A 1 STAR *is something you can afford in both time and money on a daily basis:
  • A 2 STAR **is something you can afford in both time and money on a weekly basis:
  • A 3 STAR ***is something you can afford in both time and money on a monthly basis:
  • A 4 STAR **** is something you can afford in both time and money on a yearly basis:
  • A 5 STAR***** is something you would love to do at least once in your lifetime. Throw out any limitations and just dream!:
Download Personal Journal

Now that you have created your personal star system, Its time to TAKE ACTION. Lets turn this knowledge into a magnificent life! Right now, get out your diary, be in on your phone, computer or good old pen & paper, and schedule our new star system.

Choose a time of day that you could consistently complete your 1 star. Pick something from your one star list and WRITE IT IN! You could choose a different one for each day or it could be the same, whatever you choose is perfect. The important point is to schedule it each day, and for many people it helps to have it around the same time each day as it creates a habit.
Do the same for your 2 star, choose a time slot once a week and WRITE IT IN! Again, what you choose may change from week to week, but it helps to schedule your 2 star around the same time frame each week to create a habit.
Now schedule your 3 Star. Choose something from your list and work out a time that you would be able to accomplish it this month. You can write in your 3 stars (1 each month) for the rest of the year or you may want to schedule them at the beginning of each month.
Lets look at your 4 star list. Pick one thing from there that you would like to do this year and find a time that would work for you to schedule it. This may change, for example, if you need time off work for holidays and you haven’t put your request in yet. But the main thing is to schedule it!

Finally, your 5 stars, these don’t necessarily need to be scheduled unless you already have the ability to make them happen! The reason why we wright them on the list is it puts them on your radar. Your brain is like a goal seeking missile, always on the look out for ways to make your goals happen, so writing these down helps give it something to target.

Great work today! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Enjoy your one star!

Be Blessed,