Neuro Success™ Corporate Training

Individual identity is the forefront & game changer in corporate training for employee productivity, happiness & better bottom line!

Get this right and it can radically transform culture, employee wellbeing as well as profit margins! Left un-addressed it can silently undermine the unity, progress & bottom line of any business or corporation.

Stress & anxiety are not the only heavyweights effecting employee productivity & company bottom line. The individual mindset has much to answer for when we address the issue of success blocks and limitations. Sometimes called “baggage”, the “stuff” we subconsciously believe about our worth will either support or sabotage our success in every area of life, (including the company we work for).

Neuro Success™ Training addresses each of these heavy weights to create breakthrough in the individual and corporation.

Feedback from previous clients

Simone has a gift for understanding exactly where you are, she is very experienced and has vast technical knowledge.
What differentiates her from the numerous consultants, business and life coaches I’ve seen before is that she distills it down to focus on what is RIGHT with you.
Training with Simone is a remarkable and awakening experience.
Doug Evans, CEO
Ive been trying to breakthrough limiting patterns for too long.
This has done it in 1 day! Im excited again & hopeful about my life & future.
Very Powerful stuff!
Holly Tompkins
Simone’s Neuro Success™ training was absolutely transformational. I thought I had a pretty healthy mindset for where I wanted to go. But through the in-depth process of self discovery, I realised there were some serious sub-conscious glitches that were holding me back. I was carrying more baggage than I thought and it was slowing down my progress. To be led through not only identifying this, but dealing with it once and for all, was incredibly freeing. I now have a completely new, empowered and energised mental framework, allowing me to enjoy life to the full more than ever before. Within days of completing the program I became increasingly aware of the extent of my internal shift. Things beyond my control began changing for the better. I have a deeper sense of rest with a new level of success and joy in all areas of my life.
Ben Driller, Managing Director Egan National Valuers
I’ve made this uncanny association with Simone to Yoda and thus in my mind I name her Simoda!
No Physical resemblance whatsoever but everything WISE, hilariously charactered and one of a KIND. On the same day that I participated in Simone’s Neuro Success™ program I experienced an instant transformation, I’ve honestly NOT been the same since. Einstein once said you cannot solve a problem on the same level it was created. This perfectly sums up the principle of how Simone is achieving life changing results in just a day by introducing a whole other dimension to the way the mind works. Even as I am writing this, four years on I continue to experience in my personal and professional life amazing results from using the tools taught by Simone.
Iona Peta, Director - Moving Joint

Corporate training with Neuro Success™

Even when we have the best laid goals & plans for achieving greatness, if we do not believe we are worthy of it in our core identity neural programs, we WILL self-sabotage. It is just how we are hard wired as human beings. Imagine how this effects your sales teams, managers, executive decision makers and every employee’s productivity levels!

The majority of our governing identity programming is created during childhood & is often immature, leaving the individual producing less than optimal results. Even high achievers vastly benefit from a little neural tweaking!

The great news is these programs can be re-wired in just one day, thanks to our brains neuro plasticity. Through a series of Neuro Success™ strategies we address the root cause of sabotage and success blocks to transform identity & results, exponentially.

Simone Leslie is the founder of Neuro Success™. An international master neuro strategist who has worked with fortune 500 companies, top corporate executives, elite athletes, Olympic coach and thousands of individuals around the globe for over 20 years. Her results are outstanding!

Neuro Success training is not only effective, it’s fun. Join this Breakthrough movement & book in your team today.

        Benefits of Neuro Success™ Training:
  • Addressing the root cause of success sabotage, limitations & blocks

  • Subconscious neural programming is done on the day = exponential transference of knowledge into the workplace.

  • Greater clarity, focus determination, wisdom & creativity

  • Team unity & maturity

  • Greater employee happiness & wellbeing

  • Greater productivity

  • Greater ROI

  • Better bottom Line

Neuro Success™ training investment

Full day training $695pp

Includes venue hire, catering & manual

*Discount applies for in house




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