Meet Simone Leslie

Master Neuro Strategist – Specializing in Breakthrough & Success

If you’re frustrated with your current results & want breakthrough, you’re in the right place.  I’m not a life coach, I’m a Master Neuro Strategist who can help re-program your brain to get you the outcomes & life you want!  Most people attempt change through positive thinking & affirmations, (this is conscious mind).  They then fall back in to old habits, (subconscious neural programs).  I deal with the root cause in your neural programs, clearing out self-sabotage & limiting glitches.  Then re-wiring them for exponential success!

Best of all, we can achieve it in 1 day – GUARANTEED!


More about Simone

Simone Leslie is a Master Neuro Strategist, speaker, author & blogger for Her Business, (formerly The Australian Business Women’s Network.)  Over the past two decades she has presented to millions through national television and live audiences.  Her forte is rewiring core neural programs that dictate every result we make in life.  From wealth creation, health, relationships, career and business success, Simone has worked with fortune 500 companies, top corporate executives, elite athletes, small business and everyday individuals internationally.

She breaks new ground in the area of core identity beliefs and how they affect our results in every area of our lives.  Simone achieves breakthrough by combining neuro science, quantum physics and emotional intelligence, clearing neurological blockages that cause self-sabotage & hold us back from achieving our desired results.

Simone has also created life changing programs running over one to six days. Her Neuro Success™ Strategies and techniques literally transform lives by renewing & rewiring the neural programs of your mind.  “The person you walk in will be different to the one who walks out!”  She explains, and offers a 100% money back guarantee!

Simone is a published author who’s book; “It’s OK to be Beautiful – Heavenly whispers to a Broken Heart” has touched & healed thousands of lives.  Written in a neurological way to create shift in the core programming levels of the brain, these short stories and revelations will make you laugh and cry but most of all, allow you to see yourself through the eyes of Love & Truth, bringing healing, wholeness & clearing your path to SUCCESS.

In 2015 this book was translated into Croatian and given to over one thousand women including the President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.

Simone & her husband David have foundered several orphanages and early learning centres over the years in the third world, including Cambodia, Zambia, Ethiopia and Kenya.  The profits from her book & businesses go to funding these & other social enterprise projects

Feeling blocked?

Breakthrough starts in our brains

“Most often the thing that limits us from achieving our dreams and goals is not the lack of knowledge or ability; it’s within our very own brain.  The beliefs & neural programs we run off, what we subconsciously believe about life, what we deserve, our worth & core identity.  Be it personal, or business and professional outcomes, the process for breaking through to the desired goal always involves the discovery of limiting neurological pathways.  We then rewire them to create smooth and empowering neural programs that deliver exponential results!”

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Feedback from previous clients

Simone has a gift for understanding exactly where you are, she is very experienced
and has vast technical knowledge which she uses discreetly in her coaching sessions.
What differentiates her from the numerous consultants, business and life coaches
I’ve seen before is that she distils it down to focus on what is RIGHT with you.
A coaching session with Simone is a remarkable and awakening experience.
Doug Evans, CEO
Ive been trying to breakthrough limiting patterns for too long.
This has done it in 1 day! Im excited again & hopeful about my life & future.
Very Powerful stuff!
Holly Tompkins
The biggest thing for me was the revelation about my values, I had them all ‘upside down’,
so simple one flick of turning them around and things are happening.
It is a day where you get ‘untangled’, blindfolds removed, and stubborn ‘knots’ in your life
just opened – simple – a must for every human being above the age of 12!
Beatrice Born