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Change your MIND – Change your LIFE!

As a Master Neuro Strategist, for the past 2 decades, I have worked with fortune 500 companies, top corporate executives, elite athletes, an olympic coach, politicians & everyday people here in Australia and internationally.

What makes me different? My Neuro SuccessTM strategies and programs combine Neuroscience with Emotional Intelligence. They work on the core Neural Programs of your subconscious brain to create GUARANTEED results.

What people are saying

Simone’s coaching technique took me from meltdown to business owner in only three sessions!!! It’s a pleasure to share with others how Simone turned my life around.
Flicity Hill
Simone came into my life during some tough business times, bringing with her not only positive solutions but an amazing ability to communicate them that I was able to make a real connection with. Her uplifting outlook on life and abilities to educate through her work have made a monumental change to my business mind, which in turn has been passed on to my staff.

I wish I had met her five years ago.

Natalie Tink, National Director Coast to Coast Media
I can truly say my life has changed from the program and I would encourage everyone to do it. I can’t explain it fully but something massive changed in me that day.
Steffan Walsh, Director - Say Yes to Wealth

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